Money doesn’t grow on trees! That’s why you have to be smart when it comes to your marketing.

At Areca Marketing, LLC, we not only choose the right items for your marketing needs... we make sure it works for you!

With corporations under increased pressure to show that every dollar they spend delivers results, marketing expenditures are now being held to the same level of accountability as other investments. Clients expect to see detailed, quantifiable results for their marketing and advertising efforts that demonstrate a positive ROMI. They want to know which elements of their marketing plan helped achieve their goals in the most efficient manner—and which did not—and be able to allocate their budgets on an ongoing basis accordingly.

ROI is a simple yet valuable tool that helps marketers determine the incremental value of their marketing activities. Its purpose is to help marketers optimize their marketing plans for both the short term and the long term by building a model of their market based on valid metrics, measurements, and techniques. At Areca Marketing, LLC, we help you meet your objectives, make informed decisions and measure results.

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